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Reference Materials

The Patterns of English Spelling is the only resource book that contains all the rimes (word families) and all the words within each rime.  It also has cross references to rimes that rhyme as well as the only complete listing of "insane" words from the everyday was and does through the any day soldering and lingerie through to victuals (often incorrectly spelled vittles), lough and quay (say, "lock and key").  Completely Cross Referenced to Word Families in Sentence Context. 

The Reading Teacher's List/5000 Words
This is the ONLY scientific listing of over 5,000 of the most commonly used words in exact order of statistically proven difficulty.

To Teach a Dyslexic
This is the fascinating autobiography of Don McCabe, the Research Director of the AVKO Foundation is free as an e-book to members of the AVKO Foundation.

The Teaching of Reading: a Continuum from Kindergarten through College
This is a textbook for teachers and parents who homeschool. This covers the process of teaching to read, the basic theories, and practical methods and materials that work. This book is free as an e-book to members of the AVKO Foundation.

Rimes and More Rhymes
A resource book for writing poetry and learning spelling patterns. It may be used by itself or in conjunction with Let's Write Right.

Miscellaneous Instructional Materials

Sequential Spelling The only spelling program that eliminates study for the students and the correcting of papers by the teacher. There are samples a teacher or parent can try to demonstrate how easily students learn when they get to immediately correct their own mistakes.

The Tricky Words
This is a book of exercises designed for anyone that targets the tricky words of the English language

If it is to be, it is up to us to Help
This manual is free to any school that wishes to set up an Adult Education Course for Volunteer Tutors, especially for those parents who want to learn how to help their children improve their reading and spelling.

It-ss & Tooze, Apostrophes, & The I Before E Rule
This book is really three books in one! It contains the It-ss and Tooze, Apostrophes, and the I Before E Rule Made Easy.

Get Outta My Face, Get Offa MY Case is designed to help counselors, teachers, psychologists, and parents to systematically help students learn how to properly use language to maintain self-control in themselves and others

How to Develop Your Own Sequential Spelling Tests is a workshop highly recommended for those teachers who want to individualize the sequential spelling for their students, even those with dyslexia or specific learning disabilities.  However, for teachers who cannot attend such a workshop, they may download a free booklet on how to do so.

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