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Samples from the AVKO Books

We offer samples of some of our products so that you can see what they look like and even sample lessons to see if our products will work with your students and/or children.  Many of our samples require Adobe Reader 5.0 or later. 

HTML Samples do not require a download.  PDF Samples may not either--you may already have Adobe Reader and not know it!

To see samples from the new E-Book available FREE only to AVKO members click on Starting at Square One.

Try Before You Buy:

Sequential Spelling Samples:

Sample Pages from the Books (PDF):

  •     100 The Patterns of English Spelling
  •     716 If It Is To Be, It Is Up To ME To Do It (Includes full Instructions and first 7 lessons):
        Teacher Pages | Student Pages
  •     215 The Reading Teacher's List of Over 5,000 Basic Spelling Words
  •     240 Word Families in Sentence Context
  •     310 AVKO Student Response Book for Sequential Spelling
  •     332 Let's Write Right for HS (Student & Teacher)
  •     333 Extra Student Worksheets for Let's Write Right
  •     350 Sequential Spelling 1 & 2 for Adults ONLY
  •     712 Individualized Spelling
  •     260 Readings for Fluency
  •     240 Word Families in Sentence Context
  •     401 Individualized Keyboarding (Student)
  •     404 Improving Reading & Spelling via Keyboarding (Teacher; sample)
  •     404 Improving Reading & Spelling via Keyboarding (Teacher; whole book)
  •     500 The Tricky Words
  •     321 Speech to Spelling
  •     720 The I Before E Set

Full Chapter Samples of To Teach a Dyslexic:

From The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: a Continuum from Kindergarten through College
Available as a FREE e-book for AVKO Members only.

  •     650: Chapter 1---Learn About the Learning-to-Read Process by Teaching Yourself to Read and Write Upside Down
  •     650: Chapter 15--220 Dolch Words are Too Many For Students with Memories Like Mine
  •     650: Chapter 19--A Common Sense Approach to the Teaching of Handwriting (Manuscript or Cursive)
  •     650: Chapter 26--A Phun Fonnix Kwiz
  •     650: Chapter 27--Ewe Kin Awl Weighs Spill Chick Awl Yore Dock You Mints
  •     650: Chapter 29--Sample IEP for Spelling and Reading
  •     650: Chapter 43--How to Develop Your Own Sequential Spelling Tests
  •     650: Chapter 45--An Index of Phonic Patterns by Vowel Types
  •     650: Chapter 49--Essential Phonic Patterns Seldom Systematically Taught
  •     650: Chapter 50--Underlining (or Highlighting): Cueing the Computer Brain

 The Patterns of English Spelling combined with Word Families in Sentence Context:
Available as a FREE e-book for AVKO Members only.

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